Integrative Medicine

I came across this article today. It gave me hope that perhaps our collective consciousness is moving closer to full acceptance of 'alternative' therapies in health care and closer to integrative medicine.

I feel hopeful that the next few generations of med students will have had more exposure to alternative health care and therefore be more open to learning about it and including it in their practices. (Or at least prescribing it as treatment.)

Let's hope that one day all health care will be more like Justin: "we as future physicians are facilitators of each patient's innate inner-healer."

This is a far cry from today's health care system which turns to drugs and surgeries first. But with alternative therapies on the rise, like CranioSacral Therapy , we are proving that the patient's inner-healer knows best and is in control. All we need to do is listen and follow.

Article: Integrative medicine is 'new way of healing'

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