Bodywork Trades
in Northampton, MA

A place to post that you are looking for massage and bodywork trades in Northampton, MA. As therapists, you know that it is important to receive regular bodywork. But trades also give you the chance to experience types of bodywork that you may not have experienced before.

Trades give you the opportunity to meet new therapists and build new relationships. This can be helpful if you ever have a client you need to refer out to another therapist.

Trades can also allow you an opportunity to practice and get feedback about a recently learned technique, or to practice/refine your current work with another massage/bodywork professional.

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***PLEASE NOTE: This is a resource for the bodywork community.

This form and the listings below are for those who have training in Massage Therapy and/or other types of bodywork and are looking to trade sessions with other trained therapists. If you are a client looking to find a therapist please visit the following pages:

Massage Therapist listings in Northampton, MA

Bodyworker listings in Northampton, MA

Bodywork Trades
in Northampton, MA

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*Trade listings will be posted for approximately 30 days unless you request otherwise. This will help to keep the listings current. You may resubmit a listing if it has been deleted and you are still looking or want to find a new trade. *When writing information about you and your trade, keep in mind that these listings are open to public view. *Also know that therapists' trainings and credentials are not verified here. Both parties are entering into the trade agreement of their own will. can not be held responsible for any negative events resulting from a trade agreement made between two parties.

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