You and Your Sun

Fall is almost here. While I do not want to see the summer end, I do enjoy a beautiful warm autumn day followed by a cool, crisp, clear night. However, I am not too fond of daylight hours becoming shorter and shorter. Which got me thinking about the effects of sunlight on our health.

We hear so much about the dangers of sun exposure and yet so little about its health benefits. Yes, its benefits. Sun exposure in small amounts is good for us, producing vitamin D fom ultraviolet rays.

Here is the first article I came across about sunshine and vitamin D .

Then, to take the importance of vitamin D one step further, I read this study: Benefits of vitamin D in fighting cancer .

600,000 cases per year?!?!? Why isn't this being talked about more? Does this have anything to do with the fact that no one will make a dime on this recommendation?

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